Good marketing presents success to those who regularly show up: commitment, routine, consistency. Think of a thriving business you admire – what’s going on behind the scenes? 

Consistency continually strengthens and reinforces your message. Routine builds a picture of a business that ‘means it and lives it’, whilst commitment makes sure it happens.

But none of us have time to make marketing our life (although it is actually ours!) Break activities into bite-sized pieces – think baby steps, not moon landings.

To make things as achievable as possible, here’s the cheat sheet:

  1. Spread the love on LinkedIn: Recommend others, they’ll likely return the favour, opening doors to new conversations. And don’t forget Facebook – engage with your audience, ask questions, listen. It’s free and builds loyalty.
  2. Befriend your fans: Find your allies – those who recommend you and connect you with ideal customers. Nurture those relationships.
  3. Blog like a pro: Share your knowledge, answer customer questions, establish yourself as an expert. Not only does this increase your reputation but it helps SEO.
  4. Reviews are gold: Make it easy for happy customers to sing your praises online. Consider a card or send an email with a QR code that links directly to your Google review submission page.
  5. “What’s in it for them?” is your mantra: Ask this after every pitch. Don’t focus on your offering, focus on the benefits to your customer.
  6. Show the love, every day: Surprise your customers, go the extra mile. Small gestures make a big impact and are memorable. Often the strength of your relationship is worth an extra fifteen minutes of your time.
  7. Plant your message everywhere and let it grow: In conversation, on social media, even on holiday – it’s free advertising and re-ignites the passion you hold for your mission.
  8. Never stop learning: Devour business podcasts, articles and posts. Stay ahead of the curve.

Building these habits will make a huge difference. Choose one, practice for 30 days, then add another one. In a year, you’ll have a thriving customer base – no magic required, just consistent action.