In the fast-paced world of social media, one word reigns supreme: Algorithms. 

These digital gatekeepers often feel like they hold the secret behind your post’s success (or failure), leaving us in a haze of uncertainty. But are these algorithms as mysterious as they seem? Can we really keep pace with their relentless changes?

Let’s investigate what this term really means. When we mention social media algorithms, we’re diving into a hidden universe of rules and actions triggered by your every move on these platforms. Your behaviour, from the content you enjoy, how long you engage, and when you give a thumbs-up or leave a comment, all come into play. 

They also scrutinize the content you create, examining its quality, use of trending audio, post format (reel, grid, or carousel), posting frequency, tags, and hashtags – the list goes on. All of these factors collectively determine where, how often, and by whom your content is showcased.

One thing we know for sure is that algorithms are very real. They exist and are regularly updated, although they remain intentionally cryptic (courtesy of the social media platforms). Here’s what we’re sure about:

  • Social media platforms aim to connect users with content that matches their interests, based on their previous interactions.
  • The more popular your content becomes, the more the platform learns about your audience, which helps it target similar users and expand your reach.

When it comes to the matchmaking game between users and content, algorithms take into account various factors, including past likes/comments, keywords, hashtags, posting times, posting consistency, new content, engagement, the accounts you follow/like, your followers, post format (videos often get a boost), location, demographics, and post popularity. Video watch time, collaborations, new features, music/audio, post quality, short-form content, using content on multiple platforms, edits/updates, and reposting also play a role.

Is your brain fried? – we understand. As agency owners, it’s our responsibility to keep up with these algorithmic riddles daily, ensuring our clients, no matter their industry, reach the widest audience and achieve the highest engagement possible. Think of it as trying to catch a speeding bicycle careening down a hill – a constant and exhilarating challenge!