Our experience and creativity delivers amazing results

Puzzle Comms have a mission.

To bring all the benefits of working with a leading marketing agency, but without the bits that leave a nasty taste in your mouth such as hidden (and often very high) fees, long contracts and the frustration that comes with having to deal with different people at every turn.

This was, and continues to be, the driving force behind everything we do.


Hyper Strategy Geek

Morna has specialised in marketing for over twenty years, having started in-house and progressed into leading agencies.

She has experience within a wide range of industries, and ever since gaining her degree in marketing, she has watched the industry change beyond all recognition – both on and offline. This experience has allowed her to retain all the ‘good’ things she has learnt throughout her career and find alternative (and better) ways to deal with the frustrations.

Morna has a real talent for creating tailored marketing strategies across all technologies that generate unrivalled results. Due to her love of statistics, the rest of the team like to call her “The Geek”. If you need something, she can be very easily bribed with posh coffees and large jam doughnuts.


The Creative Wizardess

On Cath’s first day in marketing, she took her Sony Walkman off, and arrived to find a ‘Mac Classic’ on her desk.  So began the beginning of an exciting journey…

With extensive experience in product, channel and marketing management within global companies including Samsung, SGI and other leading technology organisations, Cath is a huge fan of creating customer-centric solutions that make the buying process as easy, and attractive, as possible.

In addition to her commercial insight, she has a background in digital imaging and is a talented creative; producing powerful campaigns, imagery and copy that gets astonishing results.

She’s always happy, is a huge music fan (she’s a singer) and thinks she’s a doctor (just without the six years of studying, the white coat or the medical qualifications).

Puzzle friends with Special Powers


The Website Ninjaneer

Amit is that rare breed of calm, technical genius that designs truly stunning websites whilst wearing a commercial hat.

Seriously, what he doesn’t know about how to build, code and manage a website is not worth knowing and he constantly identifies amazing ways to delight every client he works with. 

Amit brings a wealth of experience from his background in programming (he holds a Masters in Computer Animation), and he never fails to deliver – he has been known to work through the night, despite having two young children.

Remember not to ask Amit a technical question – the rest of the team have been known to nod their heads and then hastily Google what on earth he’s talking about. We are pretty sure that he is unflappable as he keeps totally calm in the most pressured of situations, but don’t ask him to open a bottle of wine – that’s a whole different story for another day.


Success Expansion Officer (SEO)

Everyone that meets Jon reports that he is a total delight to work with and is astounded at the vast amount of knowledge and experience he holds in optimising websites.

He ensures they reach the highest possible search rankings and makes sure businesses take pride of place among the relentless noise of online traffic.

In addition, he provides our clients with invaluable insights based around online acquisition, behaviour and conversion, providing the information needed to increase online effectiveness.

This success has resulted in him being a very well-known and sought-after resource, and the team at Puzzle are both proud and delighted to work with Jon. He constantly assures the rest of the team that effective SEO has absolutely nothing to do with magic, although we’re still not convinced.


The Stig of Design

Ed is mysterious. We are yet to find anyone that produces better, and more inspired designs than Ed, but he likes to stay firmly behind the camera.

In fact, this is the only photo we possess of him.

With over two decades in design, Ed is gifted in all elements of creative work. Whether that is developing powerful brands from the ground up or producing creatives for digital or print, Ed holds an impressive track record of getting things spot-on first time.

All he needs is a feel for your audience, an understanding of your objectives and an idea of your preferences and he’ll do the rest. Puzzle have clients that come back time after time following the impressive success of his creatives.

If you manage to take a better photo of Ed, please could you email it to us? Thanks.

A full-service marketing agency, Puzzle Comms pride ourselves on the tailored approach we provide – integrating ourselves seamlessly into each and every client and becoming their own marketing department. Each client naturally has their own culture, approach and objectives and we strive to identify, adopt and truly live these elements in the way an internal Marketing Manager would. We are both proactive in the advice and guidance we provide, and reactive when our clients need action. Each client that works with Puzzle Comms will be personally managed by one of the Co-Owners on a day-to-day basis and will benefit from the expertise that each specialist member of the Puzzle Comms team can provide.

Founded in 2011, Puzzle Comms are extremely proud to acquire the vast majority of our new clients by referral and word-of-mouth. This couldn’t make us happier. We are mindful of this in every interaction, every project and every communication and we believe this is why we have many clients that have been with us for many, many years – some since the very beginning.

But enough about us, we’re not the most important person in all this. Tell us about you…

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