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Perfect Start Nurseries

How we helped.

Choosing the right nursery for your child is often a difficult decision. Perfect Start Day Nurseries make this easier by providing all the important elements you’d hope to find in a nursery including beautiful, new, custom built premises (each with their own safe, enclosed gardens), personalised settling-in plans, a huge array of carefully planned activities designed to develop through play, teams of friendly, knowledgeable staff and many other benefits.

This is why, when we were approached by Perfect Start, we couldn’t wait to get going. With a recognised brand already in place, our client was keen to reflect the advancements that each nursery had implemented in the marketing they created. The Puzzle team quickly achieved this with a brand-new style, a re-designed website and regular Facebook content that informs, invites and builds a bond with both existing and potential parents/carers.

Perfect Start Day Nurseries is a brand we are extremely fond and proud of.

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