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If ever there was a super-talented, driven business owner that is also incredibly great fun to work with, it is Claire Ferreira; founder of the Mums in Marketing community and an amazing combination of energy, motivation, leadership and ideas.

Claire first approached Puzzle with a concept. There are mums all over the country (and beyond) that are either planning on going back to their marketing roles after having a family, or they have already returned. Whatever their background or position, every one of these women will benefit from the huge support that a marketing community can bring. And not just any marketing community, a community that is made up of women in the same position that are more than happy to freely share their vast amount of knowledge and experience. 

The idea has proved more successful than anyone could have imagined.

The Puzzle team were delighted to be involved at ground level. Between us, we created a website that provided everything Claire had in her plan. Design was crucial. Ease of navigation was too. The ability to update content multiple times a day and to bring women together online was a priority. There are masterclass videos and content ready for download. And then, as we developed, we gained new information and discovered new needs, so the site had to be adapted. We lived for this, and at the end of the journey, we flung the doors open to members who arrived in their droves.

We continue to work with Claire and we feel like part of her business. And the Mums in Marketing? They keep on coming.

“Working with you was the first major investment in my business, and it has definitely been the smartest.

As a coach and community founder supporting Mums in Marketing, you knew I had a clear idea of creating a new style of membership that I wanted to build. It was a BIG idea, and what I loved is that you were not only up for it – but how you wanted to help me refine it.  A lot of agencies say they care, but when the CLIENTS say they do – it’s worth hearing.

Launching a website can feel daunting at the best of times – I know this because I have done it on a corporate level, but mumsinmarketing.net was a WHOLE new ball game. I feel like you TOTALLY understood all my fears of putting myself ‘out there’ in front of these incredible women (who are nothing but supportive and actually all that fear was in my head – but I digress) …. You kept me informed and confident on our project – and I use the words OUR project intentionally, as I truly felt like we were (and are) a team

Thanks to your clear roadmap, researching functionalities, development & planning meetings and suggestions – the logistics were smooth as silk. 

The laughs came free… but the CARE and PASSION for the website and what it meant for my business as whole – that was what REALLY mattered. 

You just GOT it….the  mumsinmarketing website was not a shopfront’ or a blog holder, our website is our home, and YOU built it with me

Thank you everyone at Puzzle, from me, and ALL of the MiMs

See for our next level of development – we grow together


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