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Dominic Holland

How we helped.

Dominic Holland – comedian, author, husband, all-round-good-egg and father to the four Holland boys (including Spider-Man). Every day working with Dom is a joy; from refreshing the design of his website to brain-storming ways to promote his books, there isn’t a single person in Puzzle that doesn’t burst out laughing at some point.

Once we compose ourselves, the Puzzle team regularly get to work creating effective campaigns to promote his book sales and comedy bookings. One that is proving particularly successful is Dom’s Patreon presence, where he regularly provides exclusive videos and online events for nearly five hundred members.

And, we know we have done a fabulous job when we receive the ultimate email reply from Dom saying… ‘Cool man, ta’. Code for ‘I’m delighted and that’s worked a treat’.

“’I have had a long line of tech gurus to help me. My current incumbent approached me on-line, (naturally). We are a year into a difficult working relationship. Difficult because she is never satisfied. Nothing I provide is ever enough. She’s like a goldfish. Could you just… Why don’t you… What you could do… For a long time, she has had my website in her crosshairs and had me running for cover with a simple but terrifying phrase… “I think you should do a revamp/relaunch of your site”. Eventually she dragged the content and answers out of me – and this week, after many tears (mine) – is a brand-new site. Albeit the same old bloke! I am expecting nothing from this ‘new’ site. Just some peace and quiet from my tech guru for the next 12 months at least and this will be enough. And for those readers feeling invisible in the digital space – and particularly those of a hardy constitution – then look no further than… They are excellent. But don’t tell them I sent you – it might work against you.”

– Dominic Holland
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